Hounds of Hell

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Set them loose.
Let them do whatever in the hell they want.
Untamed but regal, they roam the earth, rendering havoc in their wake.
Graceful yet destructive.

Deadly and cunning.
They search the ground for the weak-hearted, foolish, and unaware.
A young girl, quietly licking a lollipop.
Humming a sweet tune.

Kicking her legs.
Eyes skyward.
The savaged beastsstalk closely behind her, concealed by the girl’s evident stupidity.
Their throats utter a long, low, ominous growl — the sound of an unholy beast’s hunger.
A carnal hunger that can only be satisfied with the savory taste of human blood lapping against their teeth.
They close in on the child, who does not yet realize that today will be the last day of her life.

By Violetta

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